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This piece of plumbing perfection is a DIY bathroom accessory that no bathroom suite should be without. Buy one as a novelty gift at first, but we promise you that youíll wonder how you managed so long without one.

The Water Jet Toilet Cleaner is designed to be used to clean off unhygienic marks off the toilet bowl after going to the loo. It is meant to be used as a pseudo lavatory brush just like a directional shower for the toilet bowl. The Water Jet Toilet Cleaner is no substitute for disinfecting your bathroom suite and when using toilet cleaning chemicals the Water Jet Toilet Cleaner should not be used in case of chemical splashes.

Fitting The Water Jet Toilet Cleaner is simplicity itself, you donít need to be a plumber or a DIY expert to be able to fit this piece of bathroom furniture either, just a bit of common sense, a screwdriver, an adjustable spanner and a drill to screw The Water Jet Toilet Cleaner holder to the wall.

This shower for your loo is easy to fit, easy to use and will complement almost every bathroom suite.

The Water Jet Toilet Cleaner in action

Want More of a Shower / Shattaf?
add the Spray Jet Attachment.
Useful for Washing Bidets.

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